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Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw

As project manager, I led a team of fellow students in redesigning this large local non-profit's site. We reorganized the site architecture to make information about the organization's numerous programs more accessible. We gave the site a new graphic design and converted the coding technology from "frames" to web standards-compliant css presentation and positioning. Finally, we installed a content management system to enable easy site updates for people without html experience.

I was involved in all phases of the project but my main roles were acting as a liaison between the client and my excellent team and managing the schedule and documents.


Jump Street Swing Band

I worked with the band's director to redesign this site. The original design was a very simple tables-based FrontPage layout. I re-coded the site using web standards-compliant css positioning, incorporating colors from the group's logo into the design. I added photo slide shows, installed a WordPress blog, and incorporated audioclips of some of the group's music.


Mouse's Nest knitting blog

I worked with the knitter to design this website, coding a template based on a design she created in Photoshop and creating a WordPress theme based on the design. I obtained web hosting service, uploaded the site and installed WordPress blogging software.


Javascript Project

This is a school project that used JavaScript to manipulate the Document Object Model to create a new page based on user input. The form and "Preview Your TextAd" button are the only functional items on the page.


Experimental Web Designs

I created this series of interfaces during a class that explored "experimental" web design. Most of these designs are jpgs and not all of them would translate into usable web interfaces. The purpose of the class is to explore alternative styles and "think outside the box" to create interfaces in those styles.


Web Design Deliverables

The links lead to pdf documents containing sample web design documents, including site diagrams and wireframes (created via Adobe Illustrator). The competitive analysis studied the websites of three banks with local branches to aid in the design of a fictitious on-line banking site. The site deconstruction studied the structure of a Missouri technology company's website, Envision.com. The interface redesign focused on the information technology company Thomson.com.


Flash Game

I'm new to Flash but I love playing around with it. I took the introductory community college class and can't wait to expand my skills and learn more advanced actionscript. A summer project! The game was a class project and my first attempt at creating an action-style game. It's simple, HUGE (don't click if you are on dial-up), and has some little bugs. But it's a start!

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